Top 5 Jobs Of The Future

The world is moving at the speed of technology, evolving at the rate of innovation and our society and economy are quickly adjusting to fit the new world order. Study shows that by 2020 majority of our banking will be done online meaning that you won’t need to see a cashier before you get money from your bank, the new development of AI in different sectors of the economy has already proven that this prediction is not a myth and It is only a matter of time before the nature of jobs people do change, if that is not already happening.

So if the nature of jobs is changing, what are the jobs of the future, what kind of job will be qualified as a good job and an irreplaceable role in the society. I have top 5 jobs of the future in no particular order, which I’m certain if you can get yourself acquainted with and even bag home a few certifications, you will be a hot cake and employers will keep rushing you. So what are the five jobs in no particular order

  1.       Branding and design: It is true that computers are taking people’s jobs but when it comes to creativity, the computer is yet to figure out how that cookie crumbles, the demand for brands and designs will continue to rise as people continue looking for ways to appeal the ever-distracted attention of the market, ads are coming in from every angle, a webpage throws at you several ad banners and it’s only those brands users have an affinity for that wins the battle for attention. So if you can create a design so stunning and creative that it wins attention, then be rest assured that there’s a place for you in the future workplace. And if you are considering taking up the skills,  just dedicate 4 – 5 hours a week for 4 weeks and you are good with the basics and then a lifetime of refinement and should be on your way.
  2.       Digital Marketing: When you have a hundreds of ads begging for your attention, it takes a certain degree of expertise to get one to focus on a thing, to like a page, visit a website or even better to make an order, That’s why the demand for digital marketers continue rising, they are the custodian of your shopping choices, they put in your faces just what you need to see to get you to click, since computers are yet to figure out how to get people to engage, as a digital marketer you would need knowledge in Search Engine Optimization, Google AdWords, Facebook sponsored ads and other social media tools to create a campaign that keeps everyone talking and the leads coming. Digital marketing if done well can make you the most sort after professional in your field and it takes just about 5 – 6 hours per week for a month to learn and you are on your way. Another cool thing about digital marketing is that you don’t need a degree for this, you can teach yourself (would take longer though) and get a free certification online, all that matters is that you can prove that you can do it and you can be earning 6 digits to start with.
  3.       Programming : We all know by now that the world runs on codes, and those who can code and the architects of new world order, they are the ones that write out the instructions that the world must follow, so it is only fair that the future makes room for them, web programmers are already in demand at the moment and from the look of the facts and figures, this number is not going to reduce anytime soon. If you are looking  to take up programming as your skill of the future, then you will need to start with the basics, a 30 day coding boot camp or 7 hours a week for a month ought to get you started on the basics, if you must learn, we recommend that you start with java and then work your way through the rest, the list is quite a handful but once you figure out the basics, you can start off front there.
  4.       Analytics: The business of tomorrow takes place online and those who can understand the direction of traffic and interpret the 1s and 0s of the internet to business strategies will be the decision makers of tomorrow. Understanding the metrics that go into a website’s traffic and how to convert that traffic to useful information is an asset most organizations are looking for and the demand for such skill continues to rise with more businesses making digital footprints on the internet and in search of insights to measure their progress and growth. One tool you will need as an analytics expert is google analytics and the best part is that you can get yourself acquainted with it if you can dedicate about 5 hours a week for a month to learning it and then the rest is just practice.
  5.       Sales and communications skills:  Computers are yet to understand how to convince people to buy or how to handle an annoying customer, as much as computers are taking over everything, those whose jobs are centered around human relations can rest assured that they have their jobs intact because person to person communication will still be a dominant thing in the future, whether it’s a deal, a new job, or simply getting someone to agree with you. If you have been considering it for a while, I would say you go for it, the best part is that it’s easy to start, 2 – 3 hours a day dedicated to learning communications will make you 90% better than most sales person out there

So, there you have our top 5 jobs in the future. Which of them have you gotten up to do, let us know in the comment section? And if you are yet to take up a skill, there’s still time to be trained by Africa’s number one training academy. Check out their digital courses here

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