One of the most important elements of any brand’s identity is the logo, it is an icon that represents the company, a single image that speaks a thousand words. Every great brand has a logo so unique that over the years it has been registered subconsciously as the image for that product. Now you won’t mistake a Nike logo for an Adidas logo, just the same way you won’t mistake a Pepsi bottle for Coca-Cola even though the content looks the same, and that’s because we are familiar with the logo even before we knew the products, so we could easily identify the brand from the logo and relate with any product based on the logo it carries, right now just one word comes to mind, Apple.

If a logo is as important as we say it is, then it is obvious that a little more than a casual attention should be paid to the design of any logo. So today we will take a pick from the Ellae training academy’s designs rule book to help you design a logo in just 5 easy steps. Let’s see.

  1. Gather information: Don’t just set out playing with shapes and letters, take the time to collect every information about your brand, other brands in the industry, study their logos and how they are crafted, this will give you an idea of what your logo should look like and the standard you are to keep as far as that brand is concerned.
  2. Sketch, Sketch, and Sketch: One of the perks of being a designer is your ability to imagine and put down the rough sketch of that imagination. When it comes to logo design, you need to keep an open mind and run through a lot of variations, this is how you can be sure that you covered every possible outcome you can get from the design concept.
  3. Carefully Select a color Palette: It is common to see people play with colors when it comes to design, they feel obligated to put a rainbow of bright colors, all screaming on one small logo. Colors say a lot about your brand, the choice of color and the structure translates to what your brand has to offer and what the customers can look forward to. This is why it is important for you to carefully pick out colors that will resonate what the brand is about and clearly pass that message across through the logo. At this phase, try as much as possible to reduce the number of colors to not more than 3 colors. As any seasoned designer will tell you, when it comes to design, less is more. So, try to reduce the colors and be as simple as you can with the colors.
  1. Draw out your sketch: Now here comes the real work, putting all that information on a screen using a vector design tool such as Adobe Illustrator or Coreldraw, Now this is not as difficult as most designers make it look but it does require a lot of practice, and you could really use a good tutor to guide on how to use the tools and also give you tips of best practices in the trade. You can sign up with Ellae training for a class in graphic design to speed things up and give you a world class training.
  2. Export: if you get the hang of the vector design tools and you are able to translate your sketches to vector arts, your work is as good as done, you can now adjust to fit measurements, add or remove other elements to make the design robust or minimalist. And when you think you have perfectly captured your imagination, you can export the logo in various file formats, like PNG, JPEG, PDF, AI, for print or use on the web.

If you can creatively follow these steps, be rest assured that you will design a world-class logo with all the right attributes just for you, and you can take it further as a freelance designer.

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