Abax-OOSA Professionals.

Abax-OOSA Professionals.

Abax-OOSA Professionals is a 4-partner firm of accountants providing Audit/Assurance, Accountancy, Taxation and Advisory services.


Brand Identity
Business Strategy
Creative Strategy

Building Relationships That Count

Ellae worked with Abax-OOSA to create a fresh outlook on its brand identity and strategy. The objective of the project was to enable the brand to function as a lens through which every marketing, public relations and customer interaction embodied a unifed vision of the organization’s brand essence, thereby entrenching the brand in the consciousness of the right audience and driving increased visibility and longevity for the business.

One Identity To Rule Them All

We explored different aspects of the brand and took a holistic approach to developing a solid identity and brand collaterals that clearly differentiates the brand from competitors in the industry in order to help boost awareness and recognition.

Outdoor Advertising

To help increase brand awareness, the brand identity collateral included outdoor advertising designs that are designed to stand out and attract attention.

Website Design

We created a fresh outlook for their brand and worked with the company on a new brand positioning and identity. Delivering a system based around a bright and diverse color palette and contemporary sans-serif typography. ⁣

The system was restrained but well-suited to a professional organization looking to engage with its target audience, with room for creativity and a range of expression in the developed applications.

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