Security and Safety Magazine
Information for Safety

Brand Strategy, Brand Identity Design, Editorial Masthead Design, Brand Guidelines Manual Development
Security and Safety Publication is in the business of publishing, marketing and sales of a security magazine called Security and Safety magazine. The magazine provides insightful analysis on security and safety related matters with an objective voice for security and safety professionals. They engaged Ellae to develop a brand strategy, identity and positioning that would reflect their objective of becoming the number one safety and security related publication in Nigeria.

The Ellae team carried out a research of the publishing industry to understand the competitive context for Security and Safety magazine. Valuable insights from this exercise were distilled and provided direction in the mapping out of a definitive strategy and positioning for the magazine. “Information for Safety” was extracted as the corporate tagline.
Having determined the brand strategy and extracted the brand essence, and in line with the brand aspirations of the magazine, an authoritative visual identity was developed for the brand. The newly established identity was refined and further applied in developing an editorial masthead for Security and Safety magazine. New brand applications were also developed and included in the brand manual for the magazine.