Accessories2die4 is an award-winning brand retailer of fashion jewelry and fashion accessories.  Their goal is to offer style-savvy customers a unique fashion destination, where they will find a wide variety of affordable, on-trend and stylish pieces in an upscale shopping environment.


Brand Strategy
Refreshed Identity
Color Psychology
Brand Recognition

Giving Fashion It's Own Language

Fashion is dynamic and oftentimes cannot be put in a box. To celebrate the dynamism and diversity of style, we created 4 different logo combinations, all inspired by major aspects of the brand’s product offerings.

These logo combinations connect to copy and imagery to explain Accessories2Die4’s take on fashion in a simple, light-hearted way that will easily connect with her target market.

Choosing The Right Colors

Primary Color Palette

The Accessories2Die4 color palette is a very important part of the identity and plays an important part in how the brand is received. We chose bright, natural colours which can be mixed and matched playfully. At the heart of our palette are our guiding colors which are green, yellow, blue and pink.

Supporting Color Palette

Accessories2Die4 accent palette consists of black, light gray and white to soften the combination and provides a bridge between the two. The two spectrums work together to capture the fashion in all of it’s glory. From glam to subtle and everything in between.

Souvenirs and Packaging Labels

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