Increase relevant traffic to your website through paid search engine advertising

Take advantage of existing demand for your products & services.

Pay only for relevant traffic: limit by geography, days of the week, time-of-day, keywords, etc.

With well written ad copy, reduce your number of dead leads and boost your revenue.

Our PPC Process

Our PPC marketing process allows us to create a campaign that is specifically built with your business goals in mind



Learn about the client’s business, website, and competitors in order to provide clear documentation to be used throughout all other stages of the project.

Project Brief
Define client information & business goals along with all required information to properly complete discovery process.

PPC Audit
Create baseline for current website PPC performance based on analytics, landing pages, and current campaign statistics.

Keyword Research
Define potential target keywords based on business goals outlined in the Project Brief and opportunities found in the PPC Audit.

Competitive Analysis
Define PPC competitors and Ad Copy based on Keyword Research and determine areas of opportunity and risk.



Create a comprehensive PPC strategy and project plan that clearly outlines deliverables and measurable business goals

Paid Search Strategy
Define Paid Search, Display, and Remarketing campaigns along with ad copy, landing page recommendations, targeting methodologies and recommended budget.

Measurement Planning
Document measurable short-term and long-term goals to evaluate campaign performance.



Implement landing page recommendations from the Paid Search Strategy through development or collaboration with the client

Landing Page Design (optional)
Create designs for optimal converting landing pages with strong calls to action for newly defined campaigns.

Campaign Setup
Create or edit existing campaigns based on the Paid Search Strategy.

Landing Page Implementation
Create/Edit Landing Pages for the new campaigns and ensure conversion tracking is implemented and page load time is minimized.



Monitor and adjust campaigns based on the performance of keywords, landing pages, and ad copy.

Short-Term Adjustments
Change bids, ads, and landing pages based on short term performance indicators (daily or every few days).

Campaign Adjustments
Make global changes to the campaign based on trends that are identified over time (weekly or biweekly).



Provide regular reporting that includes analysis of campaign performance, KPIs, and goal tracking and adjust project plan based on results.

Monthly Performance Report
Document current standing of goals, campaign metrics, tasks completed, and plan for the following month.

Quarterly Review
Comprehensive overview of campaign and adjustments to the project plan based on the results achieved.

Increase the percentage of your website visitors who turn into leads.

Make your web pages more relevant to visitors.

Increase customer trust by using on-page elements.

Improve calls-to-action to incite the user to become your next customer.

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