Paga Limited

Social Media Marketing Campaign, Development of Key Messaging, Digital Communications, Development of Creative Copies
PAGA started out and became widely known as a mobile money operator in Nigeria. Recently they evolved into a full-service payments company and needed to create a top of the mind awareness amongst their existing and potential market audience.

Paga engaged Ellae and a social media campaign plan was developed to be centered around the brand idea, “Paga Is Payments” with a single hashtag #PagaIsPayments adopted to be used on all the social media platforms – Twitter, Facebook and Instagram. The plan included the development of key messaging, frequency and schedule of posts, campaign giveaways and promos, and weekly measurements, tracking and analysis of the campaign metrics.
The campaign kicked off on Twitter with a strong buzz and trended organically in the country within 3 hours, registering over 4 million impressions, and reaching over 750,000 unique accounts. 3 days later the Campaign was activated on Instagram and Facebook with a #PagaIsPayments contest running over the course of 2 weeks.

With the appropriate use of memes, influencers, contest giveaways and promos, and effective use of key messaging, over the course of the 4 weeks of the campaign, we were able to engage users in the Paga narrative on a daily basis across the 3 social media platforms. This helped in achieving the objectives of reinforcing Paga as a payments service provider, drive awareness for the brand, and help in boosting transaction volumes and value.