Ellae Market Research Services


Ellae offers market research services to help your business get ahead of the competition…

At Ellae we offer the full range of traditional data and information gathering techniques as not only stand alone but also in support of forecast and modelling engagements. Our research designs are primarily based on a set of principles reflecting sound market research practices and a rooted current understanding of the technologies, markets and situations.

At Ellae we always…


Set research objectives based on an understanding of the decisions a client needs to make.


Choose methodologies that are best suited to the research objectives within the client’s budget and time frame.


Manage and execute the research program at the pinnacle of professional standards.


Make conclusions and recommendations based on skilled analysis of results of the research.

Quantitative Primary Research.


For research engagements that are best delivered using quantitative methods, we offer:

  •  Face to Face Interviewing.
  • Paper And Pencil Interviewing.
  • Computer Assisted Telephone Interviewing.
  • Computer-Aided Web Interview.
  • Computer Assisted Self Interviewing.
  • Web Assisted Personal Interviewing.
  • Tablet Assisted Personal Interviewing.
  • Smartphone Assisted Personal Interviewing.
  • Observational & Registration Studies.
  • Central Location Test.

Qualitative Primary Research.


For research engagements that are best delivered using qualitative methods, we offer:

Ellae Creative’s qualitative research aids both business-to-business and consumer studies. We’ve got qualitative experts well experienced in both online qualitative studies and in-depth interviews. We source relevant information from them through our B2B, B2C, C-Level executives and large scale consumer interviews. At Ellae we create solutions that provide real insight that can be implemented.

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