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Lunchbox is a Nigerian privately owned contract catering company specializing in the supply of hot lunches to schools and offices. The client required a new website that would showcase the company’s fresh and nutritious menus and also provide an avenue for customers to order meals online. They also required a CMS based solution for ease of content editing. Ellae was entrusted with capturing and visually communicating Lunchbox’s services ond offerings via the web.


Ellae were invited to lead the charge to achieve Lunchbox?s digital goals by designing and developing a new website for the business. We worked closely with the client to capture and effectively communicate their offerings, purpose, positioning and philosophy. Ellae then established key brand messaging supported by emotive photography and far-reaching and meaningful visual interpretations of their services. We started the project by breaking down their current site design and architecture, assessing it?s strengths and weaknesses, and identifying content areas that needed to be improved. The new website’s pages were wireframed in a way that had a more logical architecture and ?ow. The design process also involved re?ning a new color and font palette, and use of relevant and emotive imagery; fresh fruits, veggies and appetizing meals were placed strategically across the entire site. An online order form was also incorporated to enable customers make quick and easy bookings online. Finally, appropriate and poignant copywriting was crafted and applied across the site.

The result is an engaging site where Lunchbox’s brand personality and positioning as a as a premium catering services provider in Nigeria is brought to life and portrayed through visual and textural cues.