On this episode of the Ellae “Brand Breakdown” Series, David Obisesan, Digital Marketing Strategist at Ellae, speaks with Yemi Johnson, Growth and Partnership Coordinator at Hotels.ng, about how global brands can enable a higher level of connection with consumers in new markets.
17 September 2017
Brand Breakdown

Ellae : How do you assess brand value? ?

Yemi Johnson : People can assess you have brand value when you are consistent and they can identify that consistency and quality of service. Also when you brand can acquire customers without anything and this is true for the hotels we have under our platform. We have over 9000 hotels under our platform but not all of them makes money, some make a loss as well as profit. For those that make a profit when we look at them, we realize that when we visit their hotels there is always consistency and quality and it makes them acquire customers and grow their brand.

Ellae : How can brands prepare themselves for a VUCA world? VUCA—Volatility, Uncertainty, Complexity, Ambiguity—and how to combat this new reality?

Yemi Johnson : Before it happens to tell a story that people would like and after it happens you can then tell the truth and you can be forgiven. Telling a story as a brand is not something to spend money on but rather being deliberate and have a good headline because when you leave it for others to tell your story you leave it on the basis of circumstance and chance. Finally, when you have a good headline for your brand, it has the potential to go viral.

Ellae : What is your perspective on human brands?

Yemi Johnson : It requires a bit of creativity and one thing that has always been hard to measure in marketing is attribution because you can’t really attribute how much human brands bring in into the business. In some extent, you can still attribute when you are relational to your customers and you can see the engagement when making a comparison between two brands. And that engagement is important for brand love and people would just love the brand as this can lead to referral and ultimately being relational would save you a lot of money on marketing.

Ellae : What is the benefit of a clear brand purpose?

Yemi Johnson : For a brand, you need to be true to what you are and need to say what you are in simple words as it would be the definite reason why people would visit your website. Finally stating the clarity of your brand you need to stay true to a mission.

Ellae : What are the mistakes global brands make when entering Nigeria?

Yemi Johnson : A lot of people underestimate the market as the market is different from countries to countries. The problem with these brands is that they understand how to acquire customers before we started digital marketing but the major challenge is how to acquire money because most of them just focus on offline sales. The route to make money is you need to have local talent that is not just on the team but are heading the team and have experience on how to carry a brand to make money.

Ellae : How has branding help build Hotels.ng

Yemi Johnson : We don’t spend a lot of money on marketing compared to other brands. Focusing on performance marketing where you know that you can easily share what people love, that is being relational in marketing without spending money offline. Leverage on the advantages and when you take those advantages it can convert to more revenues for the brand

Ellae : Thank you.